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PFT022 Francesco Farfa Meets Pleasure Team, The - The Search
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The Search was originally released on Killer Vinyl in 2000 and then on Plastic Fantastic and has proved to be one of their biggest sellers in the months since, and now after much mooting, the remixers were narrowed down and the release is finally here. First up is a mix by Martin Cartledge's superb Weeekend World who utilise the melodic elements of the track to great effect, to create a deep journey-esque rework that remains faithful to the original whilst sprinking in some of that superbly unique Weekend World flavour. If you are a fan of Weekend World's more recent productions then you will absolutely love this.
Meanwhile, US boy Justin Scott Dixon, perhaps better known as Voyager pans out the track into an epic 13 minute plus full on interpretation, which starts off slowly but as the pace builds feels like its going to take your head clean off with its frantic beats and techno style influence. This mix will not only blow the roof clean off a venue but shake it to its foundations.
Already hammered constantly by Digweed on his KissFM show and in his sets, this is quite probably the biggest Plastic Fantastic release in a long time and you must grab this at all costs.

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Progressive Trance

08 Jan 2001

12" [PFT022]
A The Search (Sleepwalker Mix)
B The Search (Time & Space Mix)
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1. The Search (Sleepwalker Mix)
2. The Search (Time & Space Mix)