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PFT032 Chonga - If The Longer Silliest EP
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With releases already available on SAW Recordings and Mechanism, Phil Jason, otherwise known as Chonga (or sometimes as Jas) returns with his first release release for Covent Garden's Plastic Fantastic, the bizzarely titled 'If The Longer Silliest EP'.
A double helping of dark beats and tight percussion, If The Longer Sillest EP has already found favour with Jerry Bonham and Jimmy Van M.
First up we have 'Thunder In The Literal', with its driving percussion, breathy female vocal samples and trippy beats and fx, all layered together in a tight cohesive mesh to create a quirky yet addictively hypnotic cut. Where this man gets his ideas from I do not know.
Meanwhile, 'Wishes Gone Got Empty' starts off with soft looping percussion that gives way to a rising drumbeat that climbs and falls, weaving in and out of the bassline as drums clatter and the pace lifts, fx samples ripping through to the surface slowly progressing until some rumbling synths give the track a right kick up the backside and the momentum rumbles foward faster and faster, fading momentarily before continuing onward to the end, drawing you in deeper and deeper and losing your mind in the melting pot of sounds that are occuring.
This is only the third release for Phil, but with each release he showcases new ideas, sounds and style, and 2002 looks very promising, both for Phil and Plastic Fantastic if this is an example of what we can expect from that stable of labels.

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Tribal

28 Jan 2002

12" [PFT032]
A Thunder, In The Literal
B Wishes Gone Got Empty
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1. Thunder, In The Literal
2. Wishes Gone Got Empty