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PFT036 Stereonova - Sometimes / Twisted
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Support from Sander Kleinenberg and John Digweed. Stereonova are back with their second release for Plastic Fantastic. Alessandro Russo, enlisted a core group to help him out with this twelve inch. Slok, who’s a sound engineer, Davide Cassaccia, a dj/ producer, and Taffi, another dj/ producer all came together, to make these electro tinged progressive numbers.
Sometimes' starts out with a nice kick, and nice clear high hats. A voice comes in and is very pretty, and smooth. Her name is Melvina James, and she has a very sexy, lush voice, that is effected, and delayed. The bassline is nice, rolling, and very electronic. Sounds float in and out, and little sounds fill up the space well. Into the break, her vocals come through, and take us deeper into the new wave sounding bassline. A very simple but classy tune, which could be used in many different types of sets.
A nice drum starts off 'Twisted', minimal with emphasis on a deep bass sound, but still in a very electro way. A large metallic sound washes over the drums, and takes us into a similar sound to old Platipus tunes. A sample comes in, saying “Round The Globe”, as it is filtered, and layered. Tons of delays create a surreal atmosphere, and a high tone keeps the rhythm, and hook going. A lovely builder. This is the first tune to come out on Plastic Fantastic for the year 2003, and it’s looking like a bright future ahead for them this coming year. Stereonova’s second release is a nice minimal, electro workout, and is just the tip of what Plastic Fantastic has in store for the months ahead.

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House

03 Feb 2003

12" [PFT036]
A Sometimes
B Twisted
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1. Sometimes
2. Twisted