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PFT037 Stereonova - Open Your Eyes / People Started To Move
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It would seem Italians are the flavour of the month at Plastic Fantastic as following on from recent signing Marco Bellini, they have also signed Italian outfit Stereonova. A three man outfit consisting of Slok, Davide Casaccia and Taffi, who between them have experience in djing, production, hardware and software engineering, they have fused together their love for all things electronic and brought together all the elements of dance music that have influenced them over the years to deliver a set of productions for our listening pleasure, so without further ado, lets take a listen.

Open Your Eyes is a futuristic groover, an analogue snare running through the percussion line as the diva house style vocal draws you in. Think Italian disco house twisted and reworked with the 21st century in mind and you perhaps wouldn’t be far wrong. It's simplistic laid back approach works well and this will fit nicely in a warm up set.
People Started To Move utilises deep atmospherics and dubby snares with a dark male vocal occasionally rearing it's head. Quite a moody cut, but whilst it's got some fresh ideas, it cant hold up to the a side, but I'm sure with future productions from this trio we'll see some of the promising ideas contained within the track expanded upon.

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Tech House

17 Jun 2002

12" [PFT037]
A Open Your Eyes
B People Started To Move
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1. Open Your Eyes
2. People Started To Move