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PFT040 Paris & Healey - Ripped / Deep Throat
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Support from Sasha & Digweed. A twisted mixture of house pulling in influences from pretty much everywhere. Ripped has been exclusively played by Pete Tong on Radio 1 four times already since receiving it.
Paris and Healey return with their second single, following on from 2002's 'Under Pressure'. Paris is of course Luis Paris of Paris and Sharp and Innervision fame, and Healey is Tim, of Electric Tease and Slide Vs Healey. Together they have already had the chance to remix the progressive pioneers Fluke and are tipped for big things. 'Ripped / Deep Throat' is their latest offering which is set to make or break them. How do they fare... read on..
'Ripped' is a ballsy track, with a kick drum percussive groove that hammers along with unrelenting force, amidst wall upon wall of deep and spacial sound. When the 'and now at low frequency' vocal sifts through things descend upon a twisted path, building to a quirky and documentary-esque vocal break. The odd words being uttered will grab attention without a doubt, before a funk edged groove takes us through the debaucherous outro. Alredy tried and tested and proven to have 'ripped' up dancefloors.

The electro twinged bassline of 'Deep Throat' is a thousand miles away from the a-side, but with the deep rolling groove and powerful vocals this track rocks and rolls like no other, and is the perfect compliment to the somewhat twisted a-side.
Expect more work from this hot new combination over the coming months, both together and via their other ventures.

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive Trance

10 Mar 2003

12" [PFT040]
A Ripped
B Deep Throat
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1. Ripped
2. Deep Throat