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PFT045 Rolasoul - Desire
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This is Rolasoul’s debut release for the label and what an absolute corker it is. Vocal progressive house at its best, complete with a Dub for those less vocal inclined.
Rolasoul are Mixmag DJ winner Simon James and studio partner Kevin Miller. Both have been making a big splash on the djing circuit, and now it’s time for them to show their production skills on their debut release for Plastic Fantastic. ‘Desire’ is s groovy track, with lush pads, and spicy drumming. Jo Price of T-empo provided the vocal. Early support is coming from Chris Fortier, Hernan Cattaneo, Jerry Bonham and Seb Fontaine, and it will surely be heard in clubs around the world.
The ‘Main’ mix starts in with a nice building spicy drum kit. Flowing straight into a layer of smoothness, a vocal emerges. Her voice is sassy, yet very sweet. The shaker starts in again, building up with Jo’s voice. A tone comes from underneath and wiggles below. Jo’s voice now changing with effects, while a rush of beautiful, lush synths wash over. There’s nice airy sweeps that fall right into the break. A light melody sleeps in the background, only to emerge bigger then before, and pounces back into the drums. Dark stabs keep the tune moving all they way to the end. Very reminiscent of Mara's tracks.
The ‘Dub’ mix is very similar to the vocal; though Jo’s voice is well effected, delayed, and filtered. The drums start off again, but the sweeping synths arrive much sooner. There are more background sounds, and trippy sounds to fill up the open spaces. Dropping into the break, the vocal emerges. Delayed, and looping to create a groove. The dub is reworked nicely, with just hints of her sweet voice.
Simon James and Kevin Miller are both off to a good production start, with upcoming remixes for Player One, Kamalflage, and Intra Records, as well as maintaining their djing careers. Simon has played all over from the likes of Ministry Of Sound, to Renaissance, even out to Ibiza and beyond. Kevin is also busy with a new monthly residency at Ministry Of Sound, as well as his own night called Release. Watch out for these guys in the coming months.

Vocals - Jo Price

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House


12" [PFT045]
A Desire (Main Mix)
B Desire (Dub Mix)
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1. Desire (Main Mix)
2. Desire (Dub Mix)