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PFT047 Casa Flava - Darka
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Casa Flava are Olivier Berger and Stan Kolev, and they are hot! Here they deliver their superb follow-up to their amazing debut for Plastic Fantastic, 'Demomade' (PFT041 released March 2003.) The mighty 'Darka' further confirms these guys are pure premiership material. Dark, destroying progressive house for the big room.
Casa Flava are back with their second release for Plastic Fantastic, and deliver a nice dose of progressive and tribal sounds. Olivier Berger and Stan Kolev, record under guises including Casa Bulga, as well as several others. Both are based in Miami and have experience djing at some of the nations top clubs in New York and Miami, while also keeping busy with their numerous production outputs. 'Darka' carries on where 'De Moma De' left off, with heavy drumming, lush melodies and dirty grooves.

The 'Main Mix' opens into a slow downtempo groove. An electro bassline builds up from underneath and hits once the drums start into a thick house beat. Vocal samples curl together with shuffling sounds, delays and effects. The percussion builds up nicely, and then drops off into a break. Chords slam down with a drum hit, as a lovely lush melody rings in. Tweaky sounds fill in the background creating loads of tension along with the chord stabs. The drums crash back in and all the sounds come together till the end.
The 'Tribal Mix' starts in with gyrating tribal drums. Heavy toms, and hard hits keep the momentum while a gritty bassline comes in. The stomping continues with loads of changes and then falls off into a dreamy escape while only leaving the kick drum. Lush pads move the song into a break with piano delays and surreal sounds. Darkness takes over the song, as the beats whip back in.
Casa Flava's second single is a nice one. Simple melodies and chugging drums are the stand out part of this twelve inch. While it’s not the most innovative batch of tunes, it has the ability to move you and will surely rock many floors.

Support from Sasha , John Digweed , Hernan Cattaneo , Sander Kleinenberg , Anthony Pappa , Danny Rampling

Producer, Written-By - Olivier Berger , Stan Kolev

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Tribal House

Nov 2003

12" [PFT047]
A Darka (Main Mix)
B Darka (Tribal Mix)
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1. Darka (Main Mix)
2. Darka (Tribal Mix)