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PFT051 Rolasoul - Lost In Power
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This is Rolasoul's second release with Plastic Fantastic. It is already receiving a lot of attention from the TPs and CDs out there and has already been featured on Hernan Cattaneo's Renaissance 'Master Series' compilation.
'Desire' was Rolasoul's debut release on Plastic Fantastic back in the late summer of last year, and now several months later Simon James and Kevin Miller return with a follow up release called 'Lost In Power' after spending the last few months creating remixes for various labels and working on their own individual projects. The track has already found it's way onto Hernan Cattaneo's recent Renaissance album, so will be familiar to many of you.
The 'Main Mix' once again sees vocalist Jo Price lend her talent to Rolasoul's production. floating over a vibrant bassline and upbeat groove that oozes warm summer vibes. Synths flutter in and out of the groove, creating a sublime ambience that carries the track through a soft break and into the outro where the beats lazily kick their way to the forefront, rolling to the end and leaving a laid back, happy feeling in it's aftermath.

In contrast, the 'Dub Mix' focuses more on the drums and warm vibes, but delivers pretty much the same effect as the original, but taking things slightly deeper at the same time. Out of the two mixes, this is the one that will raise the energy level of the floor and act as one of those tracks you use as a bridge to go in any direction you wish, and will work time after time.
Rolasoul have refined their sound and developed their production skills since their last single, and it clearly shows here as this is a major improvement when compared to it's predecessor, and is one of Plastic Fantastic's better releases of the last few months. Be sure to give it a listen and see what you think.

Support from John Digweed , Hernan Cattaneo , Chris Fortier , Jerry Bonham , Sander Kleinenberg , Parks & Wilson

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House


12" [PFT051]
A Lost In Power (Main Mix)
B Lost In Power (Dub Mix)
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1. Lost In Power (Main Mix)
2. Lost In Power (Dub Mix)