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PFT052 Longsleeve Fish - Chain Reaction
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This young, Bologna based, Italian duo actually met in November 2003 in a small studio in Clapham Junction. Their joint passion for a diverse selection of musical genres led to an immediate and definite collaboration as Longsleeve Fish, with its own unique sound, combining live instruments with quality programming. Both Daniele and Umberto are highly talented musicians and this shows in their mix of funky basslines, tribal rhythms, and a deeper progressive sound. Live performances from Longsleeve Fish are expected this summer. [Tracks: Chain Reaction / Chain Reaction (Tribal mix)]
Plastic Fantastic is always searching the globe for new talent and this time they scoop up two young producers from Bologna, Italy. Longsleeve Fish, the duo formed by Daniele Principato and Umberto Santini, met in a small studio in Clapham Junction, where they shared a passion for music. They began developing the Longsleeve Fish sound by adding live instruments to their programming. Their debut release 'Chain Reaction' is a percussive driven energetic tune set for rocking sweaty clubs around the world.
Starting off, the 'Original Club Mix' is filled with percussion and a lot of drive. The drums are heavy with a huge dose of clanging sounds, high hats and toms all working into a frenzy house beat. A snarly mid section cuts into the drums and swishy synth tones fly on top of a stuttering groove bassline. Adding another layer of percussion, a muffled looped vocal rings in chanting "body attraction, chain reaction" and brings the song down into a short break, but pounds back into the drums and grooves on out.

The 'Tribal Mix' has a good dose of hand drums, a grooving bassline, and some sweet changes throughout. The looping vocal stands on its own and opens the tune with the kick, hand drums, and high hats that work nicely with the groovy bass. An acid line sequels over the percussion, while bubbling sounds move in time in the background. The sounds all rush together building into a peak, and then drops straight into a minimal kick and a low rumble. Sparkling synths move on top of the minimal drums, creating a dreamy space. The percussion starts building up again, and drives till the end.
Longsleeve Fish's debut is ok, but not groundbreaking. Their energetic tribal rhythms and basslines highlight the quality production and programming, but they could try adding more elements for their next release. Time will tell if this makes a difference.
Support from John Digweed , Hernan Cattaneo , Chris Fortier , Jerry Bonham , Anthony Pappa , Dave Seaman , Satoshi Tomiie

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Techno

May 2004

12" [PFT052]
A Chain Reaction (Original Club Mix)
B Chain Reaction (Tribal Mix)
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1. Chain Reaction (Original Club Mix)
2. Chain Reaction (Tribal Mix)