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PFT065 Tim Davidson* - Deafening Silence / Praying On Patience
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Deafening Silence' is a glorious fusion...
...of bold-as-brass, ever evolving layered synth lines, crisp tech beats, enough electronic swagger to fuel any freaks desire to lose it on any hot and sweaty dancefloor, with the strobelight set to overload.

With 'Praying On Patience' he moves up a gear, with a more linear tech bounder that is both energetic and uplifting, with a breakdown and build that never fails to ignite passions on the dancefloor.

Artist name was mispelled as Tim Davidson on this release.

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House

24 Apr 2006

12" [PFT065]
A Deafening Silence
B Praying On Patience
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1. Deafening Silence
2. Praying On Patience