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PFT070: Chris Drifter - Blue Room EP
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Next up on the rejuvenated Plastic Fantastic is a most excellent slice of pure progressive house from Hungarian based producers Chris Drifter and Jean Mitchell. The pair fresh from their remix of Santiago Ninos latest track Mais Um Chopp, serve us some hefty slabs of progressive chunkiness in this release. Blue Room thunders along with chunky floor-driven basslines, snake like lead lines and an in-your-face attitude and swagger that could only come these confident and competent producers. Frequency Limitations follows on perfectly, this time concentrating more on solid groove and pure energy.

Track 1) Written and Produced by Chris Drifter
Track 2) Written and Produced by Chris Drifter and Jean Mitchell
Published by Dharma Songs

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House


1. Blue Room (Original)
2. Frequency Limitations (Original)