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PFT074: Kicksy & Alif Groove - Citylights EP
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Kicksy (aka Karim Ragab) and Alif Groove (Abbi, Aggsi & Ali) and not the most obvious musical partners. Kicksy is based in Cairo, whilst Alif shuttles between London and New York.

Karim spent his early teenage years listening to 2pac and his parents' classical Arabic and French music tapes, but by the age of 16 he started to get hooked on electronic sounds of Paul Van Dyk and Nick Warren. Abbi on the other hand, used to play bass and guitar in a local Egyptian band, but slowly started to fall in love with electronic music.

In 2006 Karim and Abbi met in Cairo, sharing one thing: A passion for music. They started to blend their styles and musical backgrounds, to create a mixture of tech/prog/minimal/techno. The diversity of music can be felt in their tracks which vary in style, but are all quality electronic dance music.

Three of their tracks can be found on Plastic Fantastic's 74th. We present the "Citylights EP" by Kicksy and Alif Groove.

Written and Produced by Karim Ragab and Abbi Khliedy.
Published by Musiqware Ltd.
(P)(C)2009 Plastic Fantastic Recordings (Musiqware Ltd).

Country: UK
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House
UPC: 5060193560953

27 Apr 2009

"Citylights EP"
Kicksy & Alif Groove

Citylights EP is OUT NOW!
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